Decorative Concrete Patio Design Options

A Decorative Concrete Patio can become a showplace for your home. When you’re debating between installing a traditional deck, or crafting a decorative concrete patio, it’s important to focus on your needs and budget. Essentially, a patio serves the same purpose as a backyard deck or fire pit. When a homeowner is looking for an outdoor recreational option that’s both sleek and affordable, the most reasonable solution is a decorative concrete patio.

A washed concrete finish by JCD Concrete LLC.

The construction of a poured concrete patio provides the most cost-effective and customized approach to backyard leisure. There are plenty of modern concrete options that will serve your needs. Whether you’re looking to lounge in the sun alone, or host large barbecues, JCD Concrete LLC has got you covered.

Maybe you’re not sure exactly which type of concrete patio would look best in your yard? As a leading patio and driveway contractor, our team’s here to help homeowners explore the latest custom concrete options when planning their decorative patio.

A South Buffalo Patio by JCD Concrete LLC, using Stamped & Colored Concrete.

Stamped Concrete

There are so many unique designs and textures when it comes to stamped concrete. For homeowners who are looking for an affordable option with a high-end appearance, stamped concrete provides the best of both worlds. Despite the appearance of lines or gaps, the surface is free of cracks that let in grass and pesky weeds. With so many decorative concrete options, your patio possibilities are endless!

Some popular Stamped Concrete Styles & Textures.

Colored Concrete

From charcoal and classic earth tones to more colorful designs , colored concrete can provide what you’re looking for. Color in concrete can be a great finishing touch for any patio. As experienced patio and concrete contractors, we provide our customers with a variety of color options . Some homes look best alongside a simple, classic tone. However, accent tiles or subtle designs can create a truly unique look. Worried about worn or fading colored concrete? Our high-quality sealers and stains are sure to withstand every Western New York winter!

There’s lots of color options available with today’s Modern Concrete.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete can be used to add texture to your patio space. Commonly found near doors or beside the pool, this type of concrete is more slip-resistant than others. Not to mention, this material is durable and requires very minimal maintenance over time, especially when it’s done right! Whether installing patios made of stamped concrete, colored concrete, or exposed aggregate concrete, we make sure to seal the surface for the most durable wear over time. For decades to come, the color and texture of our patios will provide long-lasting style and quality.

The difference between an Exposed Aggregate finish (center) and newer, brushed finish concrete on the edges.

Why Concrete?

It’s time you rethink your old-fashioned, poured concrete patio slab. Long gone are the days of a boring gray slab with patio furniture. Our modern concrete patio options are affordable yet high-quality. Designing a concrete patio offers unlimited possibilities for customization. Plus, Modern Concrete is built to last! When considering whether you install a concrete patio in your yard, perhaps you should consider the many benefits.


You’ve seen how many ways you can customize concrete. Enjoy summers on a stamped or textured concrete patio, designed exactly to your liking. Some homeowners choose a classic earth tone, which can be enhanced by a glossy seal or stain. Others choose a variety of colored concrete tiles, or even custom designs and textures. The possibilities are endless!

Strong, versatile, durable Modern Concrete.


Concrete is one of the most affordable patio options for modern homeowners. Yet, despite its low cost, concrete can provide a luxurious look in any yard. When it comes to cost versus appearance, there is no comparison with a customized concrete patio. Don’t settle for a less attractive (or more expensive) alternative.


Do we need to say more? Concrete is built to last! There’s no material that will better hold up against the elements. Working with WNY homeowners, we know how to seal our patios, making sure they can withstand Buffalo’s winter weather.

Decorative Concrete: Costs and Customization

A new concrete patio can take your yard the next level, and it can be customized to fit your unique needs and budget. We can pour our patios around your pool, fire pit, or barbecue area. Whether you’re looking to cover a small or large area, we can work with you and find the best customization options. The price of your patio project will depend on several factors, including square footage and customization choices. Luckily, we offer a FREE and fast quote, every time. Our dedicated team of patio concrete contractors have been providing Western New Yorkers with high-quality concrete solutions for over 15 years, so we know the ins and outs of Buffalo’s weather. That’s why we ’re proud to provide a durable product that will withstand even the harshest winters.

Want to start planning your custom concrete patio? We proudly serve homeowners throughout Western New York, with a focus on Depew and the surrounding areas. Our team can help you with any of your concrete needs. No concrete patio is too big or small! Contact us today for a free, fast, and fair estimate!