Concrete Walkways: Repair or Replace?

Have you been meaning to spruce up your home’s walkway or repair unattractive flaws? Whether on the front or side entrance, walkways and sidewalks are often the first thing that you, and your visitors, see when entering your home. Over time, have you noticed cracking or shifting in your concrete walkways?

Unfortunately, cracking walkways can lead to long-term issues, not just with appearance but safety, too. Sometimes, there is a quick fix that improves your sidewalk or walkway’s existing surface. However, it’s important that you not compromise safety or appearance! If the concrete is beyond repair, replacing it becomes the only option.


Not sure whether you should or repair or replace your home’s concrete walkways?

First, you can self-examine the quality of your current sidewalk or pathway. The best place to start is pressure washing your concrete, allowing you to best view the actual condition. Just honestly evaluate the existing damage:

Do some stones or slabs shift when they’re walked on?

Has the damage caused anyone to trip or stumble?

Are any weeds growing through the concrete’s cracks?

Are parts of the pathway eroding or missing?

When is the last time it was repairedReplaced?

Are you concerned that your walkway is unsafe?

Do you wish to change to path’s width or layout?

Is this walkway used frequently by those who live in and visit your home?

…and After Replacement.

Repair vs. Replacement

For simple issues, some quick fixes may stabilize your concrete walkways. Some homeowners try concrete sealers, fillers, or add hand-picked rocks to fill in gaps. Others may try to add dirt or soil beneath a wavering slab. These fixes may help in the short term, and ensure safety until the path is properly repaired. However, a worn-out sidewalk or pathway will only continue to wear over time. Don’t let eroding concrete compromise your home’s appearance and safety! If you’re facing more complex sidewalk or walkway issues, it may be time to consult a professional. As local concrete experts, we work hard, helping homeowners determine the best solution for their home and budget.

Easily repaired.

For example, some homeowners have a small garden pathway that is missing stones. In that case, a simple repair could do the trick. We even have sealing options that further protect a walkway once it’s repaired.

In other cases, we have seen awful concrete sidewalks or front walkways that are crumbling and eroding at the edges. Sometimes these broken pieces fall beneath the surface, causing uneven debris beside and beneath the surface. Though some may argue for a quick fix, we know that safety shouldn’t be sacrificed. Looks like it’s time for a replacement!

Easily replaced.

Every concrete sidewalk and driveway that we construct is built to last. Our team has worked for over 15 years in Western New York, so we know how important it is to safely walk around your property, especially in the Winter. WNY weather is hard enough, so don’t let cracking sidewalks and walkways affect your home.

It may be overwhelming, planning a full replacement of your sidewalk or walkway. However, when installed properly, the average walkway or sidewalk replacement can last over 30 years!

Concrete Customization Options

Think it’s time for a replacement? With modern custom concrete options, you can use the replacement as an excuse to try something new & stylish!

Creative homeowners consider Decorative Concrete options, adding curb appeal and personality to their pathway. When it comes to decorative concrete, the options are almost endless. Our team can add textures, patterns, and colors for an affordable custom walkway that expresses your unique style & personality.

The walk to your front door should be an enjoyable one! Don’t let old, cracking concrete affect your home’s appearance or safety anymore.

Not sure if you should replace your concrete sidewalk or walkway ?

The dedicated team at JCD Concrete LLC have been providing Western New Yorkers with high-quality concrete solutions for over 15 years, so we know the important issues for Buffalo homeowners. As popular sidewalk contractors, we’ll help you determine if it’s time for a walkway repair or replacement.

The price of any concrete project will depend on several factors, including square footage and customization choices. We won’t leave you guessing.

Luckily, we offer a FREE and fast quote, every time. Contact us today for a Free Estimate on your next residential concrete project.